Mesh is the best

Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you are all having a great weekend, looong weekend. Today I am giving to you the mesh look, I asked for this mesh top as a present instead of an easter egg. Mesh is everywhere at the moment and there’s soo many different styles of mesh it’s all based on holes in the fabric and some designs have bigger holes than others. My top has large holes in it so its more of a fishnet look, it’s in a jumper form rather than a tight top which I love because it goes well with the size of holes. As the holes are larger its more transparent meaning you will need something to wear underneath, with the smaller holes they can be non see through due to the material, but mine I love because although its baggy you can still see my waistline through it.


I have matched the mesh top with my pair of handcrafted ripped black jeans, my fake timberland boots, and a black bodysuit. But you Can pair this top with some shorts or a skirt anything is easy.

Mesh Top- Primark £10.00

Basic strap body suit- Boohoo £6.00

Ripped Jeans- Next £25.00

Fake Timberland Boots- Boohoo £18.00

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Play suit

In Bournemouth, it’s really warm and sunny which is so rare for here in April!! But ofc everyone makes the most of it and I love it because we no longer have to cover over in coats and scarves because it’s too cold. We can show a little more skin in dresses and shorts and short sleeve tops. Here is one of my outfits that are playful and fun!! My playsuit. It’s black and has small flowers all over, there isn’t any sleeves and its loose fitting. I have 4 different playsuits but because they are so comfy and lightweight 2 of them I have no dedicated to wearing to bed lol.


I apologize now I’ve only just realized the pictures taken aren’t the best haha, just me posing ;).

It’s from In the style- £22.99 and I normally just pair it with some white Adidas trainers or some flat dolly shoes. Click here to see the playsuit on their website.

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Comfy but stylish ;)

Hey guys, I have come to a conclusion that I am going to post every Sunday evening and Monday evening. Today I am going to show you my outfit I wore into Southampton Yesterday shopping for my sisters birthday. It’s so comfy for traveling and walking around and I felt confident as its a real stylish outfit. I hope you like it.


I love this outfit because it’s a sporty looking outfit without the denim jacket but as soon as you put the denim jacket on the outfit changed entirely into a more casual stylish look. I really recommend trying this outfit out because I love it so much!!

Blue denim jacket- New look £24.99

Pink crop hoody- Pretty Little thing £12.00

Grey Leggings- BooHoo £6.00

Adidas Superstars Trainers- JD £49.99

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Let’s talk shoes

Put it this way, shoes are one of the essentials to our outfits. But sometimes getting them to match your outfit is difficult. I’m always deciding on an outfit then having to change it because I don’t have suitable shoes to match, I mean if I could I would fill my entire bedroom with just shoes!! I’m funny though with them because I really don’t like wearing the same shoes twice in a row, it just bugs me when I do so I always try to have a different pair on each day. Below are 4 pairs of shoes I own (I don’t just have 4) and what I think of them.

So to kick it off 😉 These are my Timberland look a likes.DSCN0590.JPG

Yes…They’re not real Timbers, but don’t they look great. I love these shoes because I feel real trendy in these. I pair them with some jeans normally but I think this summer I will give em a go with shorts hmm. Anyway, they look great and feel great on. However, the only down side to them is they scuff very easily so you do have to be careful when wearing them but not overly careful. Overall I will give these 4 out of 5. BooHoo-£18.00

Next up are my Black adidas originals trainers.


I have to have a black pair of trainers no ifs or buts about it. I used to have black converse all stars but in the end i found them ugly(sorry to anyone who owns them, just a personal opinion) so I saw these one day while out shopping and fell in love. I sold on my converse and got these. They are so lightweight and I like that because I’m someone whos constantly jumping and kicking around. They go with skirts, tights and jeans too, I do wear these very often. I have no negetive for these really so I give them a 5 out of 5. JD- £50.00

Heeled zippy boots


Okay, these were a gift from god…(tea break)….I mean you can wear them with anything. Jeans, skirts, dresses, baggy trousers, sports leggings, you name it. When I wear them with jeans or leggings it dresses my outfit up I look like I’ve but 10x more effort into what I look like. Then they also casual dresses down, instead of wearing a pair of dressy heels try these boots and it will really neutralise your outfit. Then my favourite is the baggy trouses, I’m finding it hard to explain what I mean, hold up I’ll get a pic

Okay there. You cannot say that combo doesn’t look bang!! It’s so street and sassy, If you’re seen wearing that they you’re slaying girl. Anyway, I will give these shoes and 4 out of 5 only because I’m bad with heels and no matter what heels I wear I get blisters but other than that they are 100. Select-£12.99 SALE!!

Last but certainly not least my reebok trainers, my babies


The old school reeboks, I love these!! I mean I think that these shoes will be the type of shoes that I keep until they are literally falling apart to the point that they are unwearable. They literally put a spring in my step, so comfortable to walk in. Ideal for me tbh, I could wear them to the gym, 6th form, a walk, anywhere. I really love the splash of pink in them too because pink is great 🙂 I’m always reaching for these shoes to be perfectly honest with you, they are a definatly 5 out of 5 for being my bestfriends;) Schuh- £55.00

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Warmer weather

I’m so excited for spring as it means summer is coming, the beautiful flowers and sunshine come out. Today I have an amazing outfit fit for the warmer weather, the only thing I hate is being too hot and stuffy. So this outfit is perfect for looking trendy, cute and keeping cool.

I am seriously in love with this outfit!! The light denim blue harmonizes so well with the white and it’s just such a light outfit.The denim skirt has a great asset of buttons all the way down, it makes it look edgy and they actually undo. The white crop top is especially beautiful, its an all over mesh material with velvety flowers stitched all over, underneath the torso area it has a white cotton fabric so it’s not see through in that place. When I Put it on I could not believe how soft it was and while wearing it today quite a few people have commented on how much they love it.
The denim skirt – Newlook £22.99
White crop top – thefashionhaus £16.60 discount code Indie10
I would pair this outfit with either some pretty sandals or white converse.
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Tshirt dress

No if or buts about it, the t-shirt dress trend is so sassy and popular. You know when you have only a small amount of money left and you want to buy something but you’re really hesitant to spend that last bit of money on it and walk away…Well that’s what I’ve been like towards the t-shirt dress, then fortunately I got an excuse to buy it; p a r t y:) I saw this one and fell in love mainly because of the neckline features but it’s also simple yet with detail. The lettering on the front stands out as it uses red, orange and blue but it’s less saturated so its toned down which I really like.

Here are some pictures of me in the t-shirt dress which I just paired with some over the knee high suede boots to add even more edge to the look.


Tshirt dress – Select £13.99

Thigh-high boots- Boohoo £35.00

I really love this look and I think its so edgy and eye catching. On thefashionhaus website they also have a huge variety of gorgeous tshirt dresses for you to choose from and you can use my discount code Indie10

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outfit of the day

This outfit I am about to show you is a smart casual type of look. It can be smartened up more with some classy heels and jacket or casualed down with some trainers and a zip hoody.

I love this outfit because I feel confident in it and different. Although the ripped jean trend is up and running at the moment I love how these jeans have many rips which are more equal rather than random.


I ripped the black jeans myself but you can get a pair pretty much the same from topshop for around £40.

Black ripped jeans- £25 next

Crop top- Newlook, this specific one isnt sold anymore but I’ve looked online and they do have just as nice ones on there for around £4

Choaker- eBay £2.00

Boots- Newlook £35.00


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